Train Horns Information

Hello and welcome to Train Horns Information!

Train Horns are exactly that, horns that you can install on your car or truck, but they have the sound and authenticity of a train horn. Have you ever been driving down the road and honked at someone only to have them completely ignore you? It’s happened to all of us. However when you’re a train horn owner, you can kiss that good bye. No one ever ignores a train horn. I advocate the safe and fun use of train horns.

This is my personal blog where I will share a ton of information about my most passionate hobby, train horns. I have broken this website down into different sections in order to keep it organized and easy to navigate. Please let me know if you have any feedback or if there’s anything that you feel is missing from Train Horns Information.

Here is a YouTube Video on how to install a train horn:

This is a sweet installation of a Train Horn:

Okay, so enough of the general information now! Check out these sections for more information on train horns. All of these sections are on THIS website. These are NOT links to other websites:

Car Air Horns – tips, information and guides on car air horns

Train Horn Installation Tips – installation tips and guides on installing your train horn

Train Horn Kits – latest news and updates on train horn kits

Train Horns Online – buyers guide on purchasing train horns online