Landslide Truck Air Horns: Loud Blast For Your Auto

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Car Air Horns, Train Horn Installation Tips, Train Horn Kits, Train Horns Online

Serious and effective blast that will cause crowds jump! This kit right here — is great for frame rail mounting in just about any car. 3 Gallon tank and 100% duty cycle air horn compressor for extended blast times.

These horns are designed for toughness, painless fit, and extreme sound. The ABS trumpets with extra-wide bells create a bone rattling locomotive blast that can be felt and also heard. This kit includes a compressor which provides the 150 psi pressure you need to get maximum output from your horns with only a minimum of space. Perfect for frame rail mounting in practically any auto! Consists of three gallon tank. Speedy refill a time, only 25 seconds to recharge. The compressor is sealed and moisture/dust resistant which indicates mounting on the underside of a vehicle is no issue. The program also consists of a remote intake filter and check valve to prolong the life with the compressor. High output minimizes the time it take to recharge the tank. Included with the package is an installation kit hooking up the compressor as well as a push button switch for activating the horn.


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