Steam Trains History

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Types of Trains

Touring by steam train elicits a hopeless sense of nostalgia for Britain’s great, landmark railway past, combined with the very simple delight of seeing an enormous plume of steam bursting from a train as it pulls out of a station. Steam was all but extinct by 1968, and engines had been sent to scrap yards, but thanks to heritage railway providers, who have rescued and restored numerous locomotives and lines, it can be back from the brink.

Around 100 distinct lines, some small more than a mile lengthy, happen to be reopened. Stations have already been restored to their period appearance, with old bicycles propped against picket fences, retro billboards marketing Woodbine cigarettes and Lyons tea, plus little benches and immaculate flower beds. Station masters and ticket collectors wear proper, period uniforms. It really is all component of the fantasy and romance of travelling by steam train.

Whether it’s to satisfy your personal interest or your children’s obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine, travelling by steam delivers a excellent day out. The railways operate across Britain but right here I’ve plumped for the seaside scenery of the West Country, home to many of the loveliest lines. It is possible to decide on 1 line and make a day of it or take per week and pay a visit to each and every one, staying at nearby b & bs or extra luxurious establishments along the way.


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