How Do Bullet Trains Work?

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Types of Trains

Bullet trains are trains whereby maglev, or magnetic levitation, is utilised to propel the train down the track. It runs on special magnetic tracks that have minimal turnes and curves to prevent accidents. They are 1 of the most environmentally friendly methods to travel also as 1 of the safest ways to travel. They’ve decreased the amount of auto usage in the world, therefore slightly unclogging busy roads and highways.we have to use bullet trains as an alternative to working with automobile and motor bike and pollute pollution.

Bullet trains are seriously fascinating to understand about. The shape, besides being rather cool to appear at, is really a special aerodynamic design and as opposed to run on coal or diesel, they run on electricity. The latest models of bullet trains are propelled down the tracks by use of magnetic levitation. Not all bullet trains are the same and some are quicker than others. The TVG bullet trains in France can hit speeds of as much as 322 miles per hour!


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