ULF Ultra Low Floor Tram

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Types of Trains


ULF (Ultra Low Floor) could be the tram using the lowest entrance height within the world – so low that no platform is required. This indicates optimal boarding convenience, that is a certain benefit to the elderly, wheelchair users, and parents with strollers – as may be the flat floor all through the coach. The significant number of doors enables fast passenger turnaround – and at travel speeds of as much as 70 km/h, it is quickly feasible to obtain shorter scheduling intervals. The radially-adjustable individual wheel bogies make certain optimum running characteristics.

So as to modernize the tram fleet in Vienna, the nearby operator Wiener Linien purchased 150 ULF trams within the 1990s. Thanks to the achievement of their operation as well as the high degree of acceptance by passengers, one more 150 ULFs had been ordered in 2004. Continuous production of ULFs makes it possible for you to obtain even brief production runs at low cost.



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